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Sweet Onions - Industry

Industry - Mild Onions

The Australian mild onion industry is still in its infancy. Previous attempts have failed because of a lack of a certified process and set specifications. This meant that normal onions were sometimes mistakenly sold under the 'mild' name. In some parts of the world milds outsell normal onions and their market share continues to grow. They are probably most popular in America, although Europe and Asia are starting to develop a taste for them. Most mild onions originated from Spanish varieties and many varieties still trace back to these early types.

Due to the climatic conditions required and the amount of attention the crop requires, mild onions are only a seasonal crop. To produce them year round is not feasible unless the end product's qualities are changed, which means the onion will end up not being mild. A major influence for mildness is the variety and the current mild varieties can only be grown in a select window because of the climatic conditions present during that window. Think of it like this. Polar bears live at the artic because that's their climate. A polar bear wandering around the Sahara would be entirely misplaced and would suffer because of it. Well it's the same when growing and packing mild onions.

The certification system is currently the only auditable system that monitors and records the mild onion process from paddock preparation right through to final packaging and transport against set specifications. This gives you, the consumer total confidence in the product, something that has never been achieved with Australian mild onions before.

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