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610 Bundoran Road
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QLD, Australia


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Onion Production at Moon Rocks


Moonrocks grow premium quality brown and red onions. We grow white onions for special orders and in recent times we have added the new category Sweet Onions Our onions are planted in the months May, June, July and grow for 5 months of the year, throughout winter and spring. Because our farms are situated in Western Queensland, we find that our relative humidity is much lower than most other growing area's in Queensland. This enables us, to cure our onions quicker and helps with the formation of great quality skins giving us a better shelf life and because all our onions are short day varieties the eating quality is better with less punchancy, less after taste and less tears.


Once the onions have cured sufficiently and are up to our high standards in appearance and eating quality they are ready to be packed, depending on our orders our onions can be packed into 1kg, 1.5kg. 2kg, 10kg, 20kg bags, or for our special processing orders 1 tonne bags. We can also pack our onions to order in cardboard boxes and plastic crates. These onions are then cooled to lock in quality, while they are awaiting shipment.


Our onions are then transported to various distribution centres right across Australia.

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