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Garlic - Industry

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Garlic - Industry

The Australian garlic industry is quite limited due to a small grower base and pressure from cheaper imports.

Most of the garlic seen in Australian shops has been imported, with China, Mexico and Argentina being the major players. This garlic tends to have limited flavour profile due to its age and sterilization requirements. What many people don't know is that it looks nice and white because it has been bleached as part of the import process. Imported garlic is easily recognized because the roots have been scraped off leaving a small indentation in the base of the clove. This is done to try and stop contaminated soil entering Australia. By law this garlic must be sold with country of origin labelling information attached. Unfortunately most of it is produced outside the strict food safety programs that Australian farmers are bound to.

These processes remove most of the goodness and flavour out of the garlic and supply the consumer with a product that in some cases is up to a year old.

Australian garlic is slowly making a resurgence on the Australian market scene. Presently it is quite hard to come by and is very seasonal. Moonrocks is working extremely hard to bring top quality home grown garlic that is fresh and naturally full of goodness back to the Australian consumer.

Because our garlic is grown naturally and in Australia it isn't fumigated or treated with dangerous chemicals. This is a major advantage Moonrocks has against competing brands being imported into the country.

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