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610 Bundoran Road
St. George 4487
QLD, Australia

Employment - Directions

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Employment - Directions

How to get to Moonrocks Farm "Gillebri"

Moonrocks is 23km from the town of St. George on the Thallon Road, which also leads to Nindigully & Goondiwindi.

It is recommended all employee's visit the town of St George for any final grocery / fuel requirements as there are no shops on the farm.

Use these directions to get to the main office. Do not type our location into a GPS as it will get you lost due to the remoteness of our operation.

  • Drive along the main street (Victoria Street) of the town of St. George, Turn left at the Balonne Council building (the big clock) onto the Carnarvon Highway.

Victoria Street.
  • Travel 18km on the Carnarvon Highway towards Goondiwindi. The land is predominantly farming country and therefore not many trees.
  • At 18km a Queensland Cotton Gin (lots of big sheds) is on the left hand side of the road. The Cotton Gin is on a corner of an intersection.

Queensland Cotton Gin.
  • At this intersection turn Left into BUNDORAN ROAD.

Left onto Bundoran Road. Left turn to Moonrocks.
  • Follow this road for approximately 1.5 km. This will bring you to an intersection with signage that indicates a left turn to Moonrocks and to continue on BUNDORAN RD. The bitumen turns left here also. Stay on the bitumen.

  • You will now have a line of trees on an irrigation channel on your right and crops on your left. Continue down this road for approximately 2.5km.
  • The first sign on the left hand side is large and advertises the Moonrocks logo. This is the entrance to the Moonrocks sheds. Turn Left.

Entrance to Moonrocks sheds. Turn left.
  • Travel along this road for approximately 1km.
  • The road is designed for all weather, therefore no matter what the weather any car can access Moonrocks office and sheds. Please take care on our roads as there are many staff and machinery in action throughout the year. This farm road intertwines between channels and farm dams, and is the entry and exit of large trucks.
  • The office is on the left hand side of the first visible large shed.

Office on left hand side of large shed.

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